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E-7100, eco-friendly bio silicon sealant is manufactured for mold form prevention, so it is optimum to use at the area expected the problem for the mold such as shower room, bathroom, piping and tile masonry joint or exterior work.
Also, there is no dividedness and contraction by the moisture unlike non-silicon sealant and it is the product possible to maintain the adhesive strength, flexibility and clean color when it is exposed on repeated high moisture.


MR-887 is 1 liquid alkoxy hardening type silicon sealant and an exclusive flexible joint designed for proper joint sealing on every kind of exterior material and multipurpose high performance product showing outstanding weatherproof and durability and superior adhesion without primer on most of the materials.


E-7000 is a non-acetic acid silicon sealant can be used on the oxime hardening glazing and expansion connection joint of the building and a high performance product has superior adhesion performance on most of the construction materials.

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