For bathroom and kitchen

Bio Pearl Silicon

Eco-friendly bio pearl silicon is a proper finishing material to express luxurious feeling unlikely existing silicon using fine quality pearl as an exclusive product for high-class interior. It is optimal for interior bathroom, kitchen or inside of the building by optimal control of mold or bacteria with its added mold resistant substance.


Distinct Features of the Product

· Mold resistant performance is superior
· Incorrodible and almost no smell
· No corrosiveness for metal and superior in weatherproof
· Superior adhesion for normal material

Usage of the Product

· Interior finishing material at bathroom
· Finishing material of washstand at kitchen
· Interior finishing material in the building

Property of the Product

Classification Contents
Working possible time Within 5 minutes
Surface hardening time Within 10 minutes (23℃ 50% RH)
Complete hardening time 5 ~ 7 days
Work possible temperature (Before hardening) 4 (Air temperature) ~ 50℃ (Substrate temperature)
Adaptation temperature
(After hardening)
-50℃ ~ 150℃
Hardness (Shore A) 20 ~ 30
Classification Contents
Tensile strength 0.5 ~ 1.0 N/㎟ (ASTM D 412)
Elongation 100 ~ 200%
Specific gravity 1.00 ± 0.1
Hardening type Oxime hardening type
Packing unit 300 ml (CTG)