For paperhanging


E-4004 is a water-soluble product and superior in workability and possible to reapplication on every kinds of surface.



Distinct Features of the Product

· Convenient to use by 1 liquid type
· Elasticity is very effective
· Superior in workability with quick dry

※ Possible to loss the volume about 25%
Possible to generate different color when paint with weak in cover up

Usage of the Product

· Paperhanging
· Wall surface crack part sealing
· Normal internal wall surface masonry joint work
· Wallpaper and paper goods finishing work

Property of the Product

Classification Contents
Main ingredient Water acrylic resin
Type Moisture dry hardening
Complete hardening time 7 ~ 14 days
Surface hardening time Within 2 hours (23℃ 50% RH)
Movement allowable limit ±12.5 %
Classification Contents
Solid 7 ± 1
Tensile strength Hardness (Shore A) 30 ~ 40
Viscosity (CPS) 400,000 ± 144,000
Specific gravity 1.57 ± 0.1
Packing unit 270 ml (CTG)