For heat resistance


For heat resistance, MR-811 is 1 liquid alkoxy hardening type heat resistant silicon and superior resistance for high heat on the substrate and it has excellent workability, durability and weatherproof.


Distinct Features of the Product

· Adhere on various materials such as metal, plastic and so on without primer
· Almost no provocative smell as a non-acetic acid
· Superior in weatherproof and chemical resistance
· Superior in electrical characteristics
· Superior for fire resistance, water proof, moisture proof, sound proof and dust proof
· Color: Red and gray
· Shows heat resistance performance from -40℃ ~ until 260℃ after hardening
· Satisfying relative regulations KS F 4910 F-25LM

Usage of the Product

· Insulation of entrance/exit part for boiler, heater, open belt, industrial open motor, transformer and so on
· Flange seal of exterior equipment
· Engine part of automobile and vessel
· Seal for water proof and barrier for the instrument
· Normal adhesion of metal, glass, plastic, wood and so on

Property of the Product

Classification Contents
Movement allowable limit ±12.5 %
Work available time Within 5 minutes
Surface hardening time Within 20 minutes
Complete hardening time 5 ~ 7 days
Hardness (Shore A) 20 ~ 30
Classification Contents
Tensile strength 1.0 ~ 1.5 N/㎟ (ASTM D 412)
Viscosity 1.4 ± 0.1
Hardening type Oxime hardening type
Elongation (%) 300 ~ 500%
Packing unit 300ml (CTG)