For exterior(Weatherproof weather seal)


It is oxime hardening 1 liquid silicon sealant and non-pollution silicon sealant showing excellent performance in stone and porous material work by solving the pollution problem by the silicon oil during construction with superior adhesion.


Distinct Features of the Product

· Easy to construct with 1 liquid type
· Superior in non-pollution for stone and porous material
· Almost no provocative smell as a non-acetic acid
· Excellent weatherproof and durability
· Excellent adhesion on every kinds of materials
· Satisfying relative regulations- KS F4910 F-25HM grade

Usage of the Product

· Stone/panel joint sealing
· Porous material joint sealing
· Window frame joint sealing

Property of the Product

Classification Contents
Working possible time Within 10 minutes
Surface hardening time Within 20 minutes (23℃ 50% RH)
Complete hardening time 7 ~ 14 days
Work possible temperature (Before hardening) 4 (Air temperature) ~ 50℃ (Substrate temperature)
Adaptation temperature
(After hardening)
-50℃ ~ 150℃
Hardness (Shore A) 28 ~ 38
Classification Contents
Tensile strength 1.4 ~ 1.8 N/㎟ (ASTM D 412)
Elongation 400 ~ 600% (ASTM D 412)
Specific gravity 1.28 ± 0.1
Hardening type Oxime hardening type
Ozone resistance/UV rays resistance Superior
Packing unit 270 ml (CTG)/500 ml (SSG)
Relative regulation KS F 4910 F-25LM